Universities Vs Community Colleges

Today we will see the universities vs community colleges and benefits going to community colleges. So, you might Be Getting ready to go to College, and you might be, hone Should I go to a University or Community College Should I go to? In my opinion you should go to University. Uh, NO! Should you go to a Community College? Oh my gosh, Not this again. Community College typically Have fewer students per class, So you get more personalized instruction from professors.

Benefits of Community Colleges

But do not have community college university housing At a community colleges really your housing options are limited But Universities are so expensive.  Community Colleges are loads cheaper. But there’s usually so much more a student at Life University. Sports, Societies, Cubs, you name it and probably a University Has it! Well, the transition from High School to College is so much easier at a CC. Sure, but at a University you learn to live on your own. So, many Life Lessons! Most of the time your class credits from CC transfers amazingly over to University. So you save money! But you can earn anything higher than an example Associates at a community college.

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At a University you can get a Bachelors a Masters, a PhD anything! No, go to a Community College! NO! Go to a University! Community College! (Chanting) So is the winner Community College or University? Well, it’s up to you. Make sure you do all the research. Crunch the numbers; make a pro’s con’s list. Figure out what you Want from your education and make your decision based on that. Saving money at a community College, might be, the way to go. But If you Want more of the College Experience you might consider a bigger University.

My best advice? Do What You Want to do. It’s four years of your life, and it will only be, what you make it. For young & Free Michigan, I’m Mathew. The biggest list for you to get or choose community colleges nearby you visit this site.

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