What is a tuner and why do I need one for my Mustang?


We’ll start out withwhat a tuner is.

Right now, the standardin aftermarket tuning is this right here and it comes from SCT.

Regardless of how technology changes it in the future, the function is still going to be the same.

It connects to your Mustang’s diagnostic port, and it comes pre-loaded with proven tunes for several different vehicles.

Most importantly, your Mustang.

It also allows fo rPCM diagnostics if you have a Check Engine light, and it’ll hold several custom tunes like those available from our custom tuning program.

When programming your Mustang with one of the pre-loaded tunes, it alters parameters such as your air fuel ratio and ignition timing.

So why do you need one for your Mustang? Well, because changing those parameters improves efficiency and,most importantly, horsepower.

Let’s say you’ve swapped out toan aftermarket cold air intake kit.

A programmer will help you correct for that.

Changed out your rear gears,running a different size tire? Push a few buttons and it’s all corrected.

We’re going to plug this handheld into our 2011 Mustang here and I’m going to show you a lot of the parameters that you can change right out of the box.

Plug the tuner into your Mustang’s diagnostic port.

Select Program Vehicle.

You can select either Strategy or Custom Tune.

In this case, we’re going to go with the Strategy tune.

Accept the terms of this being a performance modification, turn the key on, press Select,turn the key off, press Select, select your engine.

Then you can choose to adjust options or go straight to downloading the tune.

We’re going to show you what all options you can adjust.

You can pick different fuel octanes, you can turn off your rear O2 sensors, you can compensate for an aftermarket air intake such as a Steeda,JLT, Airaid or WMS.

You can adjust your global spark timing and different RPM bands.

You can correct your axle ratio for anywhere from 273s all the way up to 513s.

You can adjust your tirerevolutions per mile if you’ve changed out toa different tire size.

You can adjust or turnoff your speed limit.

You can raise or lower your rev limit in both Drive and Neutral.

You can raise or lower your idle speed in both Drive and Neutral.

Once you’ve made all the adjustments you care to make, hit Cancel, the programming will begin.

Turn your key on and kickback for a few minutes because it’ll take a little bit to download the stock tune and upload your new performance tune.

Another little use people really don’t think about for the speed limit and rev limit, is if you have somebody else driving the car, like maybe your teenager, you can lower the rev limiter and the speed limiter to keep them from getting too far out of control.

Once the tuner beeps you can turn the key off and you’re done.

There you have it.

It’s just that simple.

A few button pushes and a few key turns, and you’ve got more power,more torque, better economy, and most importantly,all of your modifications have been adjusted for it in your computer tune.


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